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Top 5 Gadgets Made for Women Safety

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Top 5 Gadgets Made for Women Safety-GadgetAny

Nowadays, a crime against women has become more. I was triggered to do this blog after hearing about these heartbreaking incidents. Women safety has been a big question, and rape has become a common word these days in the news. We still have animals roaming around us in the form of humans. Women safety in the world is highly compromised. So, there is a high need for ladies to be conscious of all the self-defense techniques and all the smart self-defense apps that are only made for her safety. Not only these women safety gadgets can protect her from all the risky situations, but they are also comfortable and safe to carry in your handbag. So let’s walk through all the essential women safety gadgets that every independent lady should carry as the mantra is to “Be Safe.”

Top 5 Gadgets Made for Women Safety

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 95% of victims of rape and sexual assault in the world are female. Additionally, one in five women is raped during their lifetime. These shocking numbers point to a massive, systemic problem that needs addressing from multiple perspectives.

Here are the best five gadgets that every woman should have.

1. Safelet

As like other wearable devices that focused on safety, Safelet was originated with speed and convenience in mind. This fantastic bracelet has two buttons on the side that users can press to send a message to contact within a Guardian Network in the situation of danger. Your friends and family members, who see the alert can automatically call an emergency number like 911 from within the app. This smart bracelet also syncs with the user’s mobile phone to start recording audio.
Safelet is the smart jewelry that allows you to notify your friends, family, and the police where you are and that you need help. Safelet works via a Bluetooth’ low energy’ connection and is activated by simultaneously clicking on the two buttons on the side. In situations where you can not use your phone, because it is either locked, in your pocket or your purse, you can rely on Safelet that you will be able to send out an emergency alert to the people who will want to be there for you. Buy this from Amazon.

2. Revolar

Revolar looks almost like a small self-parking clicker. It is oval-shaped and measuring less than two inches, and it is very easily clipped into your jean pocket or sports bra. An alternative case lets users easily join it to a set of keys. When pressed twice, Revolar sends a ”yellow alert’ to selected contacts, and that selected contacts will receive an alert text message with the user’s location and a message saying the user feels unsafe. A triple-press sends a ”red alert’ which indicates the user needs serious help. Revolar requires no other app download, just the appropriate contact information. Revolar is for more than only emergencies. Your children can quickly and easily let you know where they are, or that they made it home safely, with the Revolar Safe Check-In. The first multi-functional Personal Safety Device that can provide peace of mind every day with one click de-escalate a bad situation with two clicks, or with three clicks.

3. Talsam Luxurious & Beautiful Jewellery For Your Her safety

Talsam is the exceptional jewelry that you can use to let someone know you are thinking about them. You can also transfer private messages, and get notified if she need help. Talsam offers two people an intimate way to communicate. When you give one to someone, you transform the way you stay in touch with them.

The person wearing the charm can:

    • Get light and vibration alerts when they receive a message
    • Send an SOS alert with their location by holding down a button for 5 seconds
    • Unlock private messages by pressing a button

the person that gifted the charm can

    • Send private messages to its wearer
    • Receive an SOS alert with its wearer’s location


=>Send any message using the app, and the magic lights up like a shooting star.
=>A loved one can send you an SOS alert by holding down a button on the side of the charm for 5 seconds. The magic vibrates to confirm that the signal was sent.
=>You instantly receive an email and SMS containing their location, along with an automated phone call.

Buy this from GadgetAny.

ROAR is the first product of Athena to create a simple way for her to get help. It is the size of a half dollar coin, Athena activates a scream when users press the button. The device then sends an alert with the location of the user to contacts who can help. The device can be attached to a purse or even worn as a necklace. Users can also set the device to silent mode so that Athena still sends information to contacts without making a sound.

    • Complete dead spot coverage
    • Fast and accurate room-specific location tracking
    • Discreet, easy to install, low-maintenance hardware
    • Built-in contingency measures – no power, no wifi, no cell, no problem.
    • Live network updates include battery alerts and notifications
    • Polished, award-winning safety wearable

5. Pepper Spray Pistol
Pepper spray pistol is among the legally approved women self-defense appliances. It is way different than other pepper sprays as it doesn’t require to be sprayed on eyes. As this spray act as an irritant affecting the eyes and skin of the person. Always remember two sprays are capable of changing the attacker. If you spray continuously, then the bottle will be emptied in 6 seconds.
The Mace Pepper Gun is the most accurate defense pepper spray unit available. The OC super strength pepper spray formula is contained in a disposable cartridge that can be replaced when empty. Utilizing an advanced delivery system, the Bag-in-a-can technology allows you to spray a constant stream which reaches up to 20 feet from any angle! Featuring a trigger activated LED light helps you accurately aim the Pepper Gun and momentarily distract your attacker in the dark. This unit includes a 28 gram Pepper cartridge, a water test cartridge, and (3) 1.5V alkaline button cell batteries (AG13/LR44) for LED light operation. Instructions about operating the pepper gun and changing the battery are also included. This is a new product for self-defense. The spray range of this gun is 20 feet. Can be used multiple times and looking to scare a would-be attacker. No license required .the pepper cartridge is available with us if an additional round is needed. It is made in the USA by mace, which is the world leader in self-defense. 4-year warranty. Once worn with the holster on the belt, looks like an original gun, thereby discouraging the would-be attackers.
Above are the best safety gadgets for her. You can gift these gadgets to your love ones. Buy these gadgets from GadgetAny on offer. It’s time to be bold and safe.

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