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Top 5 Smartphone Accessories that You Must Have

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Top 5 Smartphone Accessories that You Must Have-GadgetAny

Got a new phone and want to get some cool cell phone accessories to go with it? Or maybe you are looking to gift something to a mobile-crazy friend or family member, and do not have the budget for a new phone? No problem! There is no shortage of accessories for smartphones. We found some cool and useful accessories, and not just a toy that you discard in a few days. If you never think you need these, you could always gift them to someone who does.
We all like to complement our gadgets with new accessories. While headphones, invisible phone charger, and power banks are some of the most commonly purchased accessories today, there are other smartphone accessories which can improve your phone’s functionality. If you have newly purchased a new Android smartphone and are looking for useful accessories to go with it, we have a list of affordable phone accessories you can buy online Just in case you do not own a smartphone yet or are looking for an upgrade, check out the range of Indian smartphones by Lava Mobiles here.

Top 5 Smartphone Accessories that You Must Have

Here are five great accessories for smartphones. This blog is brought to you by the GadgetAny team. We highlight the best accessories for smartphones you might find interesting at very cool prices. We welcome your feedback. Visit GadgetAny for more.

1. CatDrive Shared Smart Hard Drive

Are you searching for a device that stores your documents safely? CatDrive is the shared quick hard drive to save all your photos, videos, music, and documents in one secure place without recurring charges. Whether you are traveling or working, easy to access, sync, and share the files using your phone, computer, tablet, and even TV. Never worry about your delicate data being stolen or leaked.

Attach your drive with a router through Ethernet cable. You can easily save all your digital content in one central place, access, and share through the App anywhere with an Internet connection. One time investment, no monthly cloud storage fee ever again.

There is a fantastic feature, your all photos, videos, and music from your family’s smart devices can be stored in CatDrive, and be organized automatically. Each one has a generous storage space, invisible to others.
Use CatDrive App to invite family or friends via SMS, create your secret ‘Share Circle.’ Buy this unique device for $119 only.


Hear music that stays reliable to the original recording with High-Resolution Audio. It is Optimized for High-Resolution Audio, S-Master HX reduces distortion and allows you to enjoy all the subtleties in your music. These headphones also include a powerful 40mm driver with Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm for handling heavy beats and can reproduce a full range of frequencies up to 40kHz.
Sony’s remarkable noise cancellation lets you fully immerse yourself in your music, without the distraction of external ambient noise. It adapts to your personal preference and responds to what you are doing. It is smart Listening with Adaptive Sound Control detects your activity such as traveling, walking or waiting, and adjusts ambient sound settings accordingly. Personal qualities like head size, glasses, and hair are analyzed for optimal sound delivery. It even counteracts atmospheric pressure at high altitude for the best sound on a long flight. Driven by Sony’s Sense Engine tech, you can adjust the ambient noise at the touch. The handy Quick Attention feature lets you decrease music volume instantly by placing your hand over the housing for a quick chat, without having to stop the music.

New Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control to automatically adapts to your surroundings and activities. Sony gives you the touch sensor for volume and track control. It gives Up-to 30 hours of battery life for long listening hours. Sony’s DSEE technology to upgrade compressed MP3 music to near Hi-Resolution quality. Sony gives you an In-Built Microphone for hands-free calling. Get these fantastic sony headphones for $349.

3. Neavio: ANC Power Bank Headphones
Neavio is a new pair of headphones incorporating both ANC and a handy power bank to help keep your mobile devices charged the day altogether and while away from the grid. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Neavio headphones and their inspiration.

“Everywhere you go, you want to know that your music is going to be able to go with you. You want to know that you are going to have your music to fall back on, those magic sounds that take you away from everything else that is in front of you. As a commuter, your headphones take on a special role of your day. It is never enough to have “any old headphones”; instead, you need the ultimate pair. You need headphones that are going to transport you and fill your ears with wonder.”

Neavio ANC Power Bank Headphones features
We get it, we are commuters, too. This is the very reason why we have developed Neavio, not only to deliver perfect sound but also to provide an energy boost to your phone. That’s right, Neavio is the first pair of headphones on the market that features a built-in power bank + noise canceling function so that you can charge your phone and other devices while you are traveling and buzzing around town. Buy this headphone from GadgetAny

4. Feelreal – The World’s First Multisensory VR Mask

Feelreal – The World’s First Multisensory VR Mask
Feelreal is designed to fit Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, Oculus Go and Gear VR, and connects to the headset via Bluetooth or WiFi. The unit, which comes in white, grey and black, attaches to VR headsets via magnetic mounts that allow for easy removal and scent replacement. An onboard battery promises four hours of battery life.

Feelreal contains what the company calls a “scent generator” that holds replaceable cartridges with nine individual aroma capsules, generating scents such as burned rubber, gunpowder odor, lavender, and mint.

There are five primary sensitive effects that Feelreal can create: scent, wind, water mist, heat, and vibrations. The scent capability is the most groundbreaking, and a total of 255 individual scents are available through Aroma Sets. Built-in coolers, heaters, fans, and misters add to those scents. So you can be fighting through a jungle in your favorite game while you feel the temperature and humidity of the surroundings, and smell of the foliage around you. Or go kite-surfing as you smell the ocean and feel the fresh water hitting your face. Get this VR mask for $249 at GadgetAny.

5. ENERQi: Invisible Fast Wireless Charger

ENERQi Invisible Wireless Charger
The next age of wireless charging is here. ENERQi mounts under the surface of your table, desk or any furniture, while your phone charges on the surface. Charging up to 40mm away, ENERQi can turn practically any piece of furniture in your house or office into a Fast Wireless Charging station, no construction required.

The next generation of wireless charging is here, and it removes wires from wireless. ENERQi mounts under the surface of your table, desk or any furniture, while your phone charges on the surface. Charging up to 40mm away, ENERQi can turn practically any piece of furniture in your home or office into a Fast Wireless Charging station.

Simply plug-in the Fast Wireless Charger using its USB-C to Fast-Power Adaptor brick, mount ENERQi under the surface using its reusable adhesive mount, or screws for a more permanent fix, and begin charging your phone. The right Plug-n-Play device, no construction experience required. Buy this perk on discount.

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