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TVOOT: A Crowd-Powered Social TV Platform to enhance your Television Viewing Pleasure

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TVOOT: A Crowd-Powered Social TV Platform to enhance your Television Viewing Pleasure-GadgetAny

Who doesn’t like to watch their favourite all-time shows on television? In fact, this is one of the most favourite pass times for most of the Indian families. Do you want to enhance your television viewing experience? We have a solution for all the television lovers by using the recently launched and crowd-powered, social TV platform in the form of TVOOT. TVOOT is basically a social TV Platform that enhances your television watching experience seamless. TVOOT has been created to add a social element to TV viewing and allow like-minded people to connect and leverage crowd-power to create a better experience for everyone. It is one of the smart and better TV platform launched till the date that will surely enhance your TV viewing pleasure.

The best part of this Social TV Platform is that it works by using crowd-power to avoid any commercials in between of your ongoing television show. TVOOT automatically takes you to one of your favourite pre-selected channels as soon as the commercial break begins in between which is disliked by almost everyone. Surprisingly, TVOOT returns you to your original program or show you were watching previously once the commercial break is over.

This crowd-powered TV platform also adds a social dimension to TV allowing you to comment on your favourite shows and movies that you are watching at that time. Additionally, you may also look at what your friends are watching and also the most trending channels during that particular period of time. Moreover, this smart and better TV platform is also capable of controlling all your home entertainment devices with its in-built universal remote feature. It is also compatible with Bluetooth as well as Amazon Alexa. Using this Social TV Platform, one may transform the way they enjoy watching TV that is absolutely an unbelievable experience like never before.

Important Features and Highlights:

TVOOT is loaded with many exciting benefits and features. Have look at its features below:

• Amazingly, TVOOT instantly notifies you of any news in your area which is the most trending and most viewed. It lets you know about the large volumes of people who are trending to a specific channel to watch that trending news.

• You may also comment on your most favourite movies or show while watching them with a group of your friends.

• You may also enable your friends if you wish so to see what you are watching and see what your friends are watching at that time to have more fun.

• TVOOT automatically takes you to one of your favourite pre-selected channels when the commercial break begins and also returns you back seamlessly to your program after the commercial has got over.

• Using this home entertainment device, you may also modify your surfing preferences any time according to your desire.

• It also has one unique feature and that is it makes use of a universal remote app that helps one control all of your IR home entertainment devices.

• It also allows you to program any activity that is either you watch TV or play a game and move effortlessly between them to and fro.

• It also has a roaming mode, using which one may manually access features such as social-based must-sees and crowd-based commercial avoidance even when you are far away from your home. It works automatically by activating location services to detect your local channel line-up wherever you are.

• It is also quite compatible with any Bluetooth devices as well as with Amazon Alexa allowing using it seamlessly wherever and whenever you want.

TVOOT’s Technical Specifications:

Let’s have a look at some of its technical specifications:

TVOOT is specifically designed to make your TV watching experience more enjoyable as well as pleasing at the same time. Apart from this, this social TV platform also makes you to control your home entertainment devices easy for everyone who is watching the television even a child. It is quite easy to operate and set up into your house. It has a high input as well as high output voltage and current which allows you to watch seamlessly without breaking the device. It also has quite a good frequency to cover a wide range of channels with good connectivity for an uninterrupted television watching.

How does it work?

This smart and better TV platform, TVOOT companion device gets connect through Wi-Fi to your iPhone or any smartphone or tech gadget. You just have to download the TVOOT app onto your phone and you’re ready to go to enjoy the most pleasing experience while watching your favourite shows on your television.

This social TV platform is one of the most essential for those who want to have an extraordinary pleasure while watching their favourite shows on television. It is quite affordable for one to purchase online.

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