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UBTech Walker and Cruzr Robots, your Helping Hand

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UBTech Walker and Cruzr Robots, your Helping Hand-GadgetAny

Cruzr is the cloud-based intellectual humanoid robot, providing a new age of service for a variety of industrial applications and domestic environments.

Ubtech is very best known for it’s toy-sized robots and STEM kits, but in recent years, it’s been building huger machines as well. At CES 2019, the Chinese manufacturer once again bringing out its Walker bipedal robot, except this time it is gained a pair of arms, and it’s capable of grasping and passing objects to you thanks to its hand-eye coordination. It is 4.75 feet tall, Walker is more huggable for the adult humans and you might as well start hugging one since it does face recognition, so when the robots turn against humans, you will have an insignificantly better chance of surviving.

Compared to the last year’s model, this modernized Walker comes with advanced self-balancing thanks to it’s retooled torso, with the trade-off being a weight bump from 82 pounds up to a whopping 170 pounds. To tackle complex terrain and external force, the machine relies on 36 “high-performance” actuators along with sensors to help stabilize itself while walking easily. Like before, Walker relies on Ubtech’s very own Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technology to plan paths while avoiding obstacles.

Aside from robots in the home, Ubtech is also upgrading it’s restaurant assistant robot and bringing it to the US. Cruzr programmed to get the specific layout of tables in a restaurant. It then uses its circular base with wheels to zip around to customers, who can punch in their orders onto the screen on its face. Cruzr is forward enough to take that order to the proper person for preparation.

Cruzr will also use Ubtech’s voice recognition software and has movable arms and hands, though they would not be fit for carrying a hot cup of coffee. As of right now, Cruzr is meant to take orders, not address them. The new version offers more detailed interactions on the screen so customers can find what they want to order more easily. This updated bot is programmed to roll out to Cruzr’s original markets in Asia and Europe and launch in the US this year.

New benefits of the latest version of Cruzr include:

Refined body structure and servo motors: reduced noise, increased reliability, and improved arm movement and obstruction avoidance ensure Cruzr’s lifespan, and usefulness matches your business needs.
UBTech Walker

More powerful processor: a more powerful and smoother software experience ensures the best possible customer interactions.

Redesigned audio chamber: improved audio quality and volume help Cruzr’s voice and other sounds cut through environmental noise.

Enhanced connectivity: The addition of 4G LTE functionality makes Cruzr more intelligent everywhere it goes, and two USB and two HDMI ports ensure it’s easy to connect peripherals.

Improved navigation: larger mapping capabilities with better location and cliff detection, obstacle avoidance, and navigation system optimization provide a smoother and more secure experience.

Improved wheel design: new driver wheel design improves maneuverability and reduces noise.

Features that blow your mind:

Flexible Arms

Cruzr has very adjustable arms and provides users with rich body language.

Natural Interaction

With 17 servos, Cruzr moves like a human. With its

Four-Layer Protection System Cruzr is capable of shaking hands, greeting visitors, moving around, dancing and hugging.

360º Movement

Cruzr uses abrasion-resistant and quiet Omni-directional wheels to move smoothly and stable while being able to turn in any direction instantly.

Proprietary SLAM Technology

U-SLAM is an abbreviation of UBTECH SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping),

which uses real-time positioning and mapping to avoid obstacles.

Multimodal Interaction

Cruzr with “multimodal interaction” integrates various interaction modes. The multimodal synergies and coordination make the interaction more fluid and more humanlike, which greatly enhances the user experience.

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