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Upcoming Digital Tech Trends & Concepts that will Drive Innovation

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Upcoming Digital Tech Trends & Concepts that will Drive Innovation-GadgetAny

We came across many innovative technologies that have made their prominent mark in the year 2018 and now we are left with some of the more unique applications that we are surely going to notice in this new year ahead. These upcoming technologies are changing the way we work and interact with each other. These technologies are redefining the way we do our business and making high-tech approaches an important part of our lives resulting in reshaping the career space. In this article, we have listed some top digital tech trends that would become trending in the year 2019.

Digital assistants to become an integral part of the furniture

2019 digital tech predictions

With the amazing gadgets like smart speakers enabled with absolutely unique voice features enjoyed a bumper year in 2018, with products that integrate Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Many more like these products enabled with upcoming tech trends and concepts are set to launch imminently, with uptake predicted to increase in this New Year 2019 with a surge in sales.

Virtual Reality is helping to redefine the social media

upcoming tech trends and concepts

Till date, we have noticed that Virtual reality (VR) has so far been mainly utilized in the entertainment and gaming areas only. However, very soon we are going to experience these top technology concepts drive innovation in other promising sectors as well like industrial and commercial sectors that will surely improve the workflow with the improvement in the connection speeds that will allow us to experience the faster wireless data transfer. Besides this, this will also leave an impact on the way we use different social media to connect to each other. Sooner, social media users will be able to do much more rather than simply liking and commenting on our status updates.

Cities are going to take smart infrastructure to another level

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CES commonly stood for consumer electronics show who is responsible for conducting electronics trade show in Las Vegas, US. For the very first time, CES has a dedicated area for solutions and services based on the concept of smart cities. It will showcase how connected technologies will try to influence urban environments like the parking availability and the depth of snow on the road. Very soon these digital tech trends of 2019 are expected to be developed around mobility and transportation, while in Europe the focus will be more towards energy consumption. In both the scenarios, they will involve linking and sharing the data between different city grids and infrastructures, combined with data from smartphone users who will become integral nodes on smart city networks.

Internet of Things (IoT) for Public Safety

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The introduction of IoT is redefining and revolutionizing public safety by offering secure and reliable communication to the residents.  As public safety and security is the first and prior responsibility of the governments across the globe. With the increase in the traffic on roads leading to congestion, the rising number of road accidents, and growing criminality has increased the demand for better and advanced public safety measures. So, to meet overcome these situations that we deal in our daily commute. To increase public safety and safeguard the lives of the citizens, IoT is likely to be installed soon that will also help in providing better surveillance and communication networks.

Autonomous Driving (Robot Cars: ROS)

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Tesla is the only company that comes into our mind when we listen to this term, autonomous driving & this concept drive innovation. With the outstanding development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, processing powers and advanced sensors the autonomous driving has made integration into electric cars with robotic automation. All Tesla Models has the full autonomous driving or self-driving feature which is truly commendable.

The Bottom Line

Improved IoT, AI and Machine learning are boosting digital technology trends to keep up within 2019. These trends when assembled together form a solid holistic foundation resulting in an increase in better sales and satisfying customer experience.

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