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Protect Your Smart Devices by Using This Vektor Network Security Device

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Protect Your Smart Devices by Using This Vektor Network Security Device-GadgetAny

Protect your smart devices like smart televisions by using this Vektor Network Security Device which is an advanced Wi-Fi network security device that blocks all the hackers as well as snoopers to protect your smart devices from any malware attack by using an advanced smart firewall and intrusion detection system.

It smartly blocks ads and web tracking and its in-built VPN router allow you to extend VPN protection to all your smart tech devices like your smart TV that cannot run VPN software. Vektor Wi-Fi network security device protects your smart devices from hackers and detects malware infections weeks or even months before traditional antivirus programs and firewalls by creating a model of your devices’ regular network traffic, allowing it to detect any changes that could signal an upcoming attack.

The Vektor has the capability to create a temporary Wi-Fi network for your guests and VPN-only Wi-Fi networks that make private browsing easy for everyone. This is an all in one Wi-Fi network security devices that offers true cyber security and advanced privacy as well as protection to all your smart devices at your home or an office.

This is one of the easiest ways to secure and protect all your smart devices as well as data on your active WiFi network. It works smartly with your existing router to provide enhanced privacy and protection features that it does not have. Using Vektor is quite a novel approach to defence that can attack and reduce any phishing or malware attack or infections on your smart devices by giving you an alert even a month before.


1) Advanced Firewall Protection

It acts as an advanced firewall for all your smart devices. It blocks the incoming internet connections to devices on your home network unless you allow them. It works smartly as it effectively look at what these devices are sending to the outside world around you and learn their expected behaviour and then alerts you in advance by raising an alarm when it deviates from this pattern or connects to known bad sites that have the probable chance to attack your smart device present at your home or office. You can also easily restrict your smart device so that it is not able to connect or communicate with any other devices in your home to get an attack from any malware or infection.

2) Secures Core Network Services

These Wi-Fi protection devices secure the core services of your home network so that no attackers can modify them in your periphery. It offers a secured DNS server that uses strong encryption to hide the sites you are visiting from encryption to hide the sites you are visiting from observers, your ISP and through other unknown applications.

3) Protects Your Smart Devices at Your House

You may protect your smart devices using this network security device. You may also make a limit to what your smart devices and who they are getting connected to. You can also limit them to connect only to the manufacturer, or maybe prevent it from talking to systems outside your home network.

4) Transparent VPN Router and VPN Server

Using these W-Fi security devices you may also create security around your smart devices by allowing the network which you know while blocking all others which you suspect that they may attack your device and get it blocked. They do not allow any additional software to set up on your devices without your permission. You just have to flip the switch and the device uses the VPN tunnel for all connections around your smart devices. The built-in VPN server in this system also lets you connect to your home network when you are out of the house, so even if you are travelling or you are in a coffee shop you get a secure tunnel back to your home network so that no malware attacks your smart device.

5) Ad Blocking and Privacy Protection

By making use of this Vektor Network Security Device, you might also block any ads or web trackers per device or across your entire network without the requirement of any additional special browsers or extensions on your active network. The web trackers that follow you from site to site disappear and malware delivered through ad networks is no longer something that you need to worry about by making use of them to protect your smart devices at your home or anywhere else.

6) Child-Safe Restrictions and Time Limits

You may also set restrictions and time limits on your child’s internet access using this Vektor Network Security Device. Additionally, you may also easily limit a tablet or laptop to kid-safe domains and know that they are protected and secure. You may also set up a limit to what your child is watching overnight behind their books. Moreover, you might also set up a weekly limit on total online time to help enforce screen time limits for your child.

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