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Vinpok Split Screen: The Perfect Traveling Triple Touch Screen Laptop Monitor

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Vinpok Split Screen: The Perfect Traveling Triple Touch Screen Laptop Monitor-GadgetAny

Have you ever feeling tired or disgusted while thinking about traveling, heavy backpacks? I do. I know everyone feels like disgusted to thinking about heavy laptop bags or how to carry your laptop while traveling.

If you have to carry around a heavy laptop all the time, you will get pretty tired of it quickly, and you want a thin and light gadget that is ideal for people who are always on the go, especially for work traveling folk.

We introduced Vinpok, a split screen that is very compact, very much light weighted, universal Split that turns your laptop into a big desktop. You can connect it with your smartphone. No matter it is Android phones, Windows or i-phone.

What is Vinpok Screen Laptop Monitor?

Vinpok Split transforms your laptop into a full-blown desktop, but a lot more compact. Weighing only 1.4lbs, this 15.6″ monitor is your latest tool for boosting your efficiency when working remotely. 1080P high resolution and touchscreen functionality, operating remotely with ability have never been more comfortable. Vinpok Split is the classic on-the-go external touchscreen monitor that is fit with your laptop or your Android phone. Double down on your productivity with Vinpok Split!. Vinpok split is the best tool for your Macbook to build your 2-screen or even 3-screen system.

Work With All The Laptop

Vinpok Split works with all laptops, so it does not matter what type of computer you are using, you can ever enjoy the practicality and productivity brought by a larger screen. Macbook, Windows, Linux supported.

Where To Use?

The biggest question that comes in mind where we can use this? So you can use this Vinpok when you are in conference or office meetings.

You can use vinpok in school. Use this split screen as study purpose. You can easily use this compact split screen at home. You guys can play games on it. It is very compactable and much featherweight you can easily carry it while traveling.

Let’s discuss the features of the Vinpok

Extra Monitors For Productivity

Vinpok Split allows you to add two additional screens, making for a triple-screen set-up for your laptop! By setting up another monitor or two, you can boost your productivity significantly by up to 50%. This provides your computer desktop-like functionality while keeping its portability.

Screen Share – At Any Angle

You can either attach your Vinpok Split monitors next to your original monitor, or you can flip them over to any angle as a secure screen share with something sitting across from you. This comes in usable, especially during meeting and interviews.

Stay Productive Anywhere

Vinpok Split is durable and built solidly to withstand all the wear and tear while transporting your laptop anywhere. And because the Split weighs only 1.4 lbs, you can take it wherever you go without breaking a sweat.

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Computer

What makes the Split even more exciting is that you can plug in your Android flagship smartphone and turn it into a computer in seconds. Also if you do not have access to a computer, working remotely won’t be a problem! Now the question arises in the mind that why we buy this Split screen? So let me clear you that Vinponk is an amazing Split touch screen which weight is 1.4 pounds, it is a touch Screen, compact, rich with 15.6-inch display screen split touch screen.

Its Time To Turn Your Android into Work Station.

With the rapid development of nowadays’ technology, smartphones are getting more and more powerful. A lot of time when you are away and don’t have access to a computer and need to finish that one important task or one important email, but working on a smartphone is not practical. You can connect your Android smartphones into Vinpok Split to turn it into a work station. Fear not when you don’t have a computer around.

Good For Game Freak.

It is not just marketing with Split, use it with your gaming system as well, plug in your gaming console and begin running your favorite games. What makes it even more effective if you do not also need the dock that begins with the console, use the type-c cable we provided! Split is compatible with PS4, NS, Xbox, and any other gaming consoles.


In simple language, Vinpok is such a fantastic split screen for those who always do traveling a lot. It is a small compact, light weighted split screen with lots of qualities. Everybody wants a gadget like the vinpok split bright screen in their life to make your life or work more accessible.
When we talk about vinpok, vinpok has so many features with excellent sound quality; the speakers are so good. They are quite amazing, they have a fantastic bass response, and they never get distorted pretty far below max volume. You can and should stick to your laptop’s speakers (or use headphones).

The Vinpok Split is highly portable, and there is no doubt it is a smart and fantastic gadget. You can buy this product. It is the full package like it can connect with other system or mobile phone within the second.
Vinpok display touch is very Smooth with exceptional grip, or the important thing is it never Hangs. WOW!! It is cheap. Yes, you can say that it is pocket-friendly. Oh my god, there are so many features in just a small smart screen. I am obsessed with this product. I am in love with this product. So what are you waiting for click on the ‘Buy now’ Button or buy this on very fantastic discount offer only on GadgetAny.

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