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Wearable GPS tracker Device for Kids & Toddlers

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It can be a heart-stopping question for most of the parents out there: “Where is my child?” Your kid can wander out of view in an instant when you travel to places like shopping malls, parks, beaches or to any public setting. But some technological innovations like a lightweight GPS tracker for kids and toddler can provide some peace of mind that is very simple and convenient to use when it comes to your child’s safety. Usually, a GPS tracking device is a lightweight device that can last a day or two on a charge and offers frequent and reliable updates on your child’s whereabouts.


A plethora of security gadgets service providers are currently available in the market that offers a range of security gadgets including GPS trackers. This device comes with a host of benefits and features depending upon your suitability requirement. These devices are available in different forms like some of these GPS trackers come in the form of wearable watches, some are meant to blend in with your child’s backpack and work in the background, and some even give you the power to detect any probable danger in your child’s vicinity.

Benefits of using GPS Tracker

GPS is the latest technology used nowadays. These devices are very helpful as we can track our family, kids, assets, luggage and location from anywhere, anytime and it also gives a peace of mind and we can stay relax without much pain.

There are several benefits of GPS Tracking Devices such as

•    Gives you the real-time location of the whereabouts of your child

•    connect on a two-way call with one touch SOS button

•    Saves your valuable time

•    Gives peace of mind

•    Hassle-free way to secure your child

•    Web monitoring

•    Mobile monitoring

•    SMS control

Things to consider while choosing a Best GPS Tracker for kids:


We become more cautious when it comes to securing our child as nothing is important to us more than our kids. This may be the most important reason to make these devices our priority to ensure our kids’ safety. These GPS tracking gadgets are an important tool for giving your loved ones the gift of greater independence without having any trouble. SO, before gifting security to your small kid do not forget to have a look at certain below-mentioned important factors while buying a GPS enabled tracking device.

Features: Many GPS tracking devices offer a multitude of features besides tracking the current location of your kid. Some other features that a device offers are one and two-way calling feature and the ability to set up zones that alert you when your child has left a designated area. Before arriving at a final decision, carefully examine what features are there in your device to enhance your child’s safety and security.

Performance: You should always look for a GPS tracker that accurately displays a person’s current location, with frequent updates when he or she is on the move.

SOS Functionality: While buying a GPS tracker watch, the most important feature to look out for, is the SOS feature which lets your child press it when they are in any danger or in distress, this will immediately intimate you or the authorities nearby to aid or rescue your kid.

Design: This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while buying your own GPS Tracking device for toddlers and kids. The size of the device should be such so that it can be carried away easily to places without having trouble. Besides having a look at its design, also look for its durability. Could the device be used in a rough and tough manner or not?

Easy to use: The device should be easy to use and operate. Try to find those devices that are pretty simple to use.

Price: Do not forget to check the price before you buy a GPS tracker for your kids and toddler. Check if there are any monthly service fees or not, besides paying the upfront fee while buying it. Also, note the cost of service in the initial price tag, such as offering the first year of service for free.

Geo-Fence: Well constant monitoring all the time is next to impossible if you have a stack of files already waiting for you on your table. To give you the peace of mind, always find a GPS that has a Geo fence enabled functionality. In simpler terms, geo fence or electronic terms is a functionality that enables you to define a perimeter or a set of zones around your child only within which your child can move around in. You will get an automatic alert when your kid moves away from your set zone. This particular feature will make your life pretty easier, by reducing the number of times that you will have to keep a tab on your child.


Keeping a track on your child is the first priority of any parents, but choosing the best device is hard for most of us. As there are lots of gadgets available currently in the market which monitors all the whereabouts of your tiny ones. A personal GPS tracking device can prove to be a valuable asset for any parent looking to gift their child security and independent freedom. To obviate parent’s convenience, these GPS enabled devices are small and lightweight enough to be carried away to places with you. But factors and functions of these may vary. GPS child locators and trackers can bring a sense of security or a piece of mind to any parent. It may be a wiser decision for a majority of parents to secure your child in a most convenient and a better way. This article will help you to choose a best GPS tracker for your small one in a most hassle-free manner after knowing about the basics of the device, its benefits and what features you should look upon before finalizing your purchase. Do not forget to compare and cross-check the products offered by the different online service providers in your vicinity to purchase the best one for your tiny one.


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