1. Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket

It is powered by Jacquard from Google, and the cuff is finished with a Jacquard snap tag.

2. Sensoria Fitness Socks

Runners, joggers, and walkers love it. The Gadget transmits real-time metrics such as speed and distance to a smartphone or smartwatch.

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3. Nadi X Yoga Pants

It is wearable technology with form guidance to enhance your yoga experience through a detachable pulse. The app provides audio instructions and evaluates your posture.

Under Armour Recover, or UA Recover, is an advanced garment that improves sleep. By increasing oxygen supply to tissues, Celliant's infrared technology helps heal sore or injured muscles.

4.UA Recover

5.Athos Smart Garments

Hexoskin consists of highly advanced smart clothing items that monitor cardiac, pulmonary and activity during workouts continuously.

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