2. Third-Party Apps:

Third-party apps are available on the Google Play Store that can help you turn your Android phone into a WiFi repeater. Apps like "NetShare - no-root tethering" or "WiFi Repeater" provide easy-to-use solutions.

Amazon Starts testing new electric cargo bikes for city deliveries

Amazon is taking a huge step in the betterment of the environment. They are trying to remove all their gas-running vans for home deliveries & replace them with electric cargo bikes.

These Cargo bikes will be owned by Amazon itself. This is a step to make the impact of the UK carbon-free till 2040 goal. These Amazon cargo bikes do look cute & small.

The e-commerce giant said they are increasing the bicycle & pedestrian delivery force with current electric vans. Their goal is to make 5 mill deliveries in a year only in Central London.

This cargo bike from Amazon looks miniature & has storage on the backside. Which would be enough for multiple small packages & groceries.

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