Nutrition Precision Health (NPH) launched a five-year study involving close to 10,000 participants.

The NPH's primary goal is to develop algorithms that predict each individual's response to food and diet.

Researchers from NPH will examine how genes, microbiome, biology, and physiology, health history, environment, psychology, and social determinants of health affect nutrition response.

They will use biological samples, electronic health records, digital health technologies, and surveys to collect information from participants in All of Us.

The research program's diverse participant base will allow NPH to analyze sex, race, and age.

The NPH consists of three modules.

The first module will collect information about each participant's typical daily dietary habits. In Module 2, participants will consume three different diets from Module 1.

Participants from Module 1 will participate in Module 3 in a two-week study in research facilities where their diets will be meticulously monitored by scientists.

Module 3 will involve a more limited and unique group of volunteers from Module 1 participating in a two-week diet study in a research facility.