The brand-new HomePod 2 supports the wireless protocols Thread and Matter, whereas the original model does not.

It has a brand-new temperature and humidity sensor, comparable to the HomePod Mini.

The S7 chip was integrated into Apple's second-generation chipset.

In addition, it has a U1 processor which should enhance iPhone handoff.

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The original model had an A8 processor that was also used in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

These speakers still support immersive Spatial Audio Dolby Atmos, Beamforming, Room-sensing, Auto-bass correction, and home theatre with Apple TV 4K.

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The brand-new version weighs a little less than the old one.

While the old HomePod weighed 5.5 pounds, the new one only has 5.16 pounds.

The second-gen is marginally smaller than the first.

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Introducing the EZVIZ C6N Black: Now Available on Amazon Discount

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