Best AI Tools to Help You Work and Create

Smart Reply and Smart Compose in Gmail

Smart Reply suggests short responses based on the message's content: One tap or click writes and sends your reply. Gmail uses algorithms called "machine learning" to look at the answers you give the most often and improve its suggestions.

AI-generated text in Rytr

Rytr is our top pick because it's simple and free to use. If you need more than 5,000 characters a month, you can pay $9 or more each month. However, you can start generating words and phrases for free.

Turn handwriting into text with OneNote

OneNote, a free desktop and mobile app, is one of the greatest tools for dealing with handwritten text. You will need the Windows desktop app to scan handwritten notes and copy them into other apps.

Music composition in Soundraw

It's free and easy to start. You don't even need an account to play around with the tools—just pick a mood, tempo, a few instruments, and a song length, and the AI creates a really good composition.