Rebooting AI

Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust

This book explains the growing concerns regarding the dependability and safety of contemporary AI, particularly big data and deep learning.

Thinking, fast and slow

The central argument of the book is that there is a split between two ways of thinking: "System 1" thinks quickly, instinctively, and emotionally, whereas "System 2" thinks more slowly, deliberately, and logically.

Thinking, fast and slow

Stuart Russell talks about how AI really works, how it might make our lives better, and why we need to be careful.

Life 3.0

Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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In order to answer the question of whether AI will benefit or harm our civilization, Max Tegmark first separates myths from facts.

Body and emotion in the making of Consciousness

The feeling of what happens

Antonio Damasio sensitively and profoundly discusses the workings and relationships between feelings, mind, body, and emotions.