1. Turn off the microphone

start the console and hit the up arrow on the D-Pad

press the right arrow and change the setting to Mute by going to Sound > Microphone > Microphone Status When Logged In

2. Activate remote play

turn on this function by going to Settings > System > Remote Play

stream PlayStation 5 games to your smartphone using Sony’s approved apps or third-party substitutes.

use your headphones or the sophisticated 5.1 or 7.1 speaker systems in your gaming room to enjoy amazing surround sound.

4. Set up default difficulty levels

go to Settings > Saved Data > Game Presets > Difficulty

Apart from configure the camera defaults for first- or third-person views, subtitles, and audio languages on the same page

5.Protecting your privacy

Activate Privacy under Settings > Users & Accounts

you should ideally restrict or turn off each option under “Control how your data is collected and used.

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Set up the energy-saving features

go to Settings > System > Power Saving

make sure the console isn’t using more power than it should by selecting Features Available in Rest Mode

enable this option, navigate to Settings > Users & Accounts > Login Settings.

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