BRAUN Instant Camera Concept is a Fun Photography Tool

Although there seems to be a dip these days, instant cameras have become quite fashionable in the past few years.

Braun has become one of the most recognized brands in the consumer market, especially with its role in pushing German industrial design forward from the mid-50s onward.

The Braun i3 Instant Camera concept is pretty much composed of simple geometric shapes, particularly circles & rectangles, though the latter comes with rounded corners to soften their appearance.

The Braun-inspired instant camera is like every other one of its kind, which is to say there are no corners cut.

It might be some doubtful specs, like a 4-inch screen with 1440p resolution, but others, like the 18MP sensor, are definitely within the realm of possibility

There is no mention of the type of “zero ink” technology to be used, but that will mostly depend on Braun licensing it from companies like Fujifilm.

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