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5 most beautiful winter destinations in the world

1. Chicago is one of the USA's beautiful winter destinations

Check out the wintery city of Chicago and you might be surprised at how well the windy city swaps breezes for snow in the coldest months of the year. January and February are coldest of all and if you're lucky and it's a particularly harsh winter, you may even see Lake Michigan frozen over. But to keep cosy, stay at Warwick Allerton in Downtown.

2. Tallinn in Estonia

Tallinn in Estonia comes with extra winter enchantment thanks to its medieval old town being blanketed in snow. Pay particular attention to the frosty, fortified Toompea or Raekoja Plats and always make a point of visiting the city's pretty town hall. If you want to enjoy Tallin's winter charm first hand, think about staying at Rija Old Town Hotel.

3. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice, the most visited national park in Croatia, is famous for 16 interconnected lakes, spectacular cascades and hordes of summer tourists. But visit in winter and not only can you see the waterfalls dramatically frozen, there's a high chance of having the park almost all to yourself. If you'd like a little company, why not take a Plitvice Lakes tour from Split?

4. Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

The famous bathing snow monkeys at Jigokudani natural hot springs in Japan are actually Japanese Macaques and according to experts, they bathe in winter to stay warm and reduce stress levels. To join the red-faced macaques at Jigokudany and relax into the soothing, hot spring experience, consider a stay at Hotel Omodaka.

5. Banff National Park in Canada

Banff National Park is astonishing in winter when the waters of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are at their crystal clearest. Banff is also home to the Valley of the Ten Peaks, so you've remarkable views of snow capped mountains to look forward to here as well, and for an in-depth Banff experience, a guided tour of the lakes is another winter treat.