Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Holder & Dispenser

Innovia Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser is a safe and convenient way of using paper towels at home or office.

This countertop stainless steel device with motion sensors dispenses the towels automatically, senses your hand wave, and prevents paper wastage.

This kitchen gadget is easy to install, quickly loads the paper and provides a simple, hygienic, and convenient way to get paper towels at home or office.

The Brawny and Sparkle paper towels and rolls are best suited for Innovia, as they can easily dispense with a single hand movement.

This countertop model has a modern design that looks attractive in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, laundry, etc., giving you hands-free access to paper towels.

This easy-to-install safe and hygienic device can be used at picnics, events, tailgating, and barbecues!

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