Note, which is the most generic name ever, is pretty much a small desk whiteboard that lets you do that with efficiency, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve that a bit of spice and fun to your work.

These Colored Curve Pens from Aechy go beyond your usual dual-tipped pens! On one end of these pens lay down patterns to help decorate your notebook – patterns such as waves, heart-roses, flowers, dots, and dashes.

The Trisqucle scissors come in really different and interesting shapes and sizes, in comparison to the regular scissors we see. There is a triangle, square, and circle-shaped pair of scissors, which is probably where the name trisqucle comes from!

Wobbler is a product concept for a penholder that looks the way it sounds. It’s a thingamajig to hold your pens and other small pieces of stationery and supplies.

In contrast, Cyl uses the age-old stacking trick to free up horizontal space by utilizing often unused vertical space.

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