Nagualep Nano Helps you to Transform Your Food Waste Into Nutrient-Rich Compost

The Nagualep Nano is a countertop kitchen composter that cuts down your organic waste by as much as 90% by turning it into nutrient-rich homemade fertilizer.

Nobody feels ‘good’ chucking their food waste into the waste disposer. It’s noisy, energy-consuming & acts as a reminder you’ve wasted food that is now headed into the drainage and eventually, the oceans.

The Nagualep Nano is a countertop kitchen composter that quickly turns your food waste into food for the planet.

It also helps cut your waste footprint down to 10% of what it would originally be, so you’ll feel less bad about disposing of food scraps, peels, shells, pulp, bones, etc.

The Nagualep Nano is a small but spacious little device, occupying the same amount of footprint as a coffee maker or air-fryer on your kitchen countertop.

The Nano fires up its internal chamber to an operating temperature of 260°F, killing 99% of all the bacteria in the waste in under 6 minutes.

A simple push of a button turns your waste into odorless soil in just 30 minutes, which you can use in your own backyard or kitchen garden to grow your own produce.

The Nagualep Nano comes in two colors, a white and a space-gray, with a two-button interface and a blue LED lights up to let you know when the Nano’s running.

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