This Matter-Enabled Modular Cube Lights Are Perfect for Gaming, Music

Meet the Yeelight Cubes, a set of magnetic, modular, and IoT-controlled lights that can be used for a variety of scenarios.text

Each cube comes with a modular design featuring pogo pin connectors and magnets that let you snap cubes together.

The standard bundle of cubes comes with 4 matrix cubes, a panel cube, a spotlight cube, letting you build out basic tools like a clock, music equalizer, notification machine, or any other type of device you want.

A DIY painter lets you paint each individual pixel on the Matrix block, smartphone and desktop apps let you configure the Cube lights to work just how you want them to.

You can then hop onto the Yeelight Station desktop app or the smartphone app to set your modules up to behave the way you want, or integrate them with your smart-home thanks to its Matter certification.

Compliance with the Matter IoT standard makes the Yeelight Cube compatible with home assistants like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Home Assistant, and more.

The Yeelight Cubes run Bluetooth 5.1 and 2,4GHz WiFi to give them their broad connectivity.

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