TOP 5 Sleek Must-Have Audio Designs Every Audiophile Needs

The DROP-01 Speaker is another innovative creation by Andrea Casagrande. The teardrop-shaped speakers are built using aluminum and glass inlays as well.

DROP-01 Speakers

Study 02 Speaker

This stunning speaker tries to visualize sound through the dynamics of cloth. An eccentric and bold orange highlight was added to the speaker to add an extra sense of oomph.

The Bored Buds

The Bored Buds are a concept for a pair of earbuds that are not just intuitively designed but are also multi-functional. Basically, they’re earbuds that are also part of a Bluetooth speaker.

Jude’s Turntable

This exquisite turntable design is dark, sleek, and handsome. Matte black and wooden accents contrast to create a turntable that is classic, sturdy, and sophisticated.

Louis Vuitton Portable Speaker Concept

This sleek and sophisticated Bluetooth speaker that draws heavy inspiration from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. The multi-colored strip on the top of the speaker seems to be the portion that lights up.

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