Set timers and control your camera

Bluetooth must be within range of your smartwatch.

First, enable Bluetooth on your iPhone. Keep your smartphone about 10 meters or 33 feet away.

You can then tell Siri to take the picture. Ask Siri to take a picture for you by simply asking her.

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Apple Watch’s Camera Remote captures a picture

You should first open Camera Remote on your smartwatch. Make sure your Apple Watch is running watchOS 9.

Position your iPhone optimally before taking a picture.

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You can adjust the exposure by clicking the shot preview.

You can then zoom in on the object. Turn on the digital crown.

On your Apple Watch, you'll see the pre-image.

Take pictures by tapping the Apple Watch's shutter button.

Despite being in the iPhone's storage, you can still view photos on your smartwatch.

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Google Pixel Watch Features & Specs

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