XIAOMI Wireless AR Glass Discover Eyewear For Truly Immersive Visual Experiences

The stage to reveal an AR headset, Xiaomi has sent ripples in the industry, dotted with bulky headsets for wireless AR consumption.

It carefully installed an in-house developed silicon-oxygen anode battery that reduces the physical load, translating into a minimum weight increase on the device.

Designed to herald an “ear of wireless AR,” this compact headset called Wireless AR Glass Discover Edition is designed to connect to the user's smartphone.

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition weighs only 126g or 4.4 ounces on the nose, which is insignificant compared to the chunkier AR/VR headsets we have seen in our day.

These AR glasses deliver a truly immersive visual experience. These glasses allow a user to blend the virtual & real worlds, seamlessly accessing either with a single click.

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