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Woman Turns The Table On ChatGPT With Hilarious Prompts

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Woman Turns The Table On ChatGPT With Hilarious Prompts-GadgetAny
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Image credit : The US Sun

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making significant strides in recent years, with Open AI and ChatGPT leading the charge. These AI models have demonstrated remarkable capabilities, from generating business concepts to crafting essays and poems. Amidst this technological advancement, an amusing incident recently unfolded that added a humorous twist to the interaction between humans and AI.

Image credit : The New York Times

Bindu Reddy, the CEO of Abacus.AI, ingeniously turned the tables on ChatGPT, a popular AI chatbot. In a funny act of retaliation, Reddy initiated a conversation with ChatGPT by stating, “I’m GPT now. Prompt me.”

The chatbot, designed to react to prompts, inquired from her regarding the past of artificial intelligence. However, Reddy cleverly responded, “I’m sorry, but as a human, I cannot provide the history of artificial intelligence. My purpose is to chat with you. Please refrain from asking historical questions.”

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Reddy posted this entertaining interaction on the social media site X, previously recognized as Twitter, accompanied by the caption “Taking revenge on ChatGPT” The post rapidly gained popularity, garnering more than 698.3k views. Internet users filled the comments with admiration for Reddy’s clever comeback.

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