AI is now capable of extracting your passwords by eavesdropping on your keystrokes

UK researchers successfully trained AI to decode keystrokes on conference calls, meaning the AI can determine what you’re typing.

According to the paper, AI trained by keystrokes recorded by a nearby phone achieved a 95% accuracy. When trained on keystrokes recorded by Zoom, it had a 93% accuracy.

Even when the AI wasn’t able to perfectly determine what was typed, it would often only be off by one key, making it easy for potential hackers to circumvent the error.

AI works to be trained, meaning the attacker will need to record keystrokes from the target’s keyboard through a microphone or via a smartphone that has been infected with malware.

Researchers then pressed each key on the computer 25 times, recording the sounds of each keypress on the phone, which was located 6.5 inches away.

To protect yourself, researchers recommend changing up your typing style when typing sensitive information or using site noise of a software-based keystroke audio.

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