How to Create a GIF Using AI for Free

1. Picsart

Picsart is a versatile mobile app that offers powerful AI-enhanced features for creating GIFs.

– Download the Picsart app. – Open the app & tap the "+" icon. – Choose the GIF option. – Use Picsart's AI filters & effects. – Save & share your masterpiece.

2. Pika Labs

Pika Labs is an online platform that specializes in AI-powered GIF creation.

– Visit the Pika Labs website. – Click on "Create GIF". – Upload your images or videos. – Choose AI filters & effects. – Customize your GIF & download it.

3. is a creative AI platform designed for GIF & image manipulation.

– Visit the website. – Select "Create a GIF." – Upload your media files. – Apply AI-driven animations & effects. – Fine-tune your GIF & download it.

4. Runway

Runway is a powerful creative toolkit that includes AI-driven features for GIF creation.

– Download the Runway application. – Open Runway & choose the "GIF Generator". – Import your images or videos. – Experiment with AI filters, style transfers. – Export your GIF with the result.

5. Mage.Space

Mage.Space is an online platform that leverages AI for GIF generation.

– Visit Mage.Space website. – Click "Create GIF". – Upload your media files. – Use AI to add special effects. – Preview & download your GIF.

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