Air Conditioner Bracelet That Keeps You Cool

The Silent Cicada uses that scientific principle to deliver a wearable cooling solution that doesn’t have to wrap around your neck or waist or involve sticking awkward pads on different parts of your body.

It’s as simple as wearing a bracelet for a few minutes, letting it do its magic to cool your wrist down & induce a comfortable feeling throughout your whole body.

Its advanced superconductor technology & superior thermal management, the wearable device converts electricity into coolness without the need for messy water or bulky compressors.

This personal air conditioner isn’t just lightweight & comfortable to wear, it’s also more efficient & significantly more sustainable than other options in the market.

It works by directly cooling the blood circulating in your body rather than the air around you, so no energy is wasted & you won’t bother other people.

It doesn’t get in your way either & you can even use it while you’re doing other activities, even while using your hands.

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