Best Underwater Drones & ROVs

1. Chasing M2 Submarine Drone

Chasing’s M2 Submarine Drone is for advanced users with a lot more functionalities. It is a lightweight & portable submersible ROV. You can shoot & record videos on a removable SD card.

Key Features

– Robotic arm attachment (max capacity 1.5kg) – 8 Omni-directional thrusters (highest in this list) – Swappable & long-life battery – 4K camera (electronic image stabilization) – Can record temperature underwater (for research purpose) – live stream via your smartphone

2. Gladius Mini Intelligent Underwater Drone

Gladius Mini is the world’s first mini-size underwater drone. It is a small, stable & seriously adventurous underwater drone. You can wirelessly control the drone using the remote controller.

Key Features

– 4K Ultra HD camera with live streaming – 100m depth & 2hr runtime – LED flashlights for better visibility – One-touch depth-lock mode – Perfect for sports, leisure, & research purpose

3. PowerVision PowerRay Wizard ROV

The PowerRay Wizard ROV is one of the few underwater drones for sale that can detect fish. It also has two 450-lumen lights that ensure clear visibility underwater but 450LM may not be sufficient if you are diving under 25 meters or more.

Key Features

– 3 Thrusters – Precision remote bait drop (for fishing) – FPV goggles (included in the box) – 4K UHD camera with 1080P live streaming – PowerSeeker FishFinder (included in the box)

4. Geneinno Poseidon Titan Underwater ROV

The Geneinno Titan is the first-ever underwater ROV equipped with a robotic arm. This ROV has tons of capabilities that give users endless possibilities to explore the ocean.

Key Features

– Ultra-bright LED lights – Robotic Arm for picking stuff – UHD 4K camera with 1080P live transmission – 4 hours battery life – 160-degrees wide-angle lenses

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