ComfyAir Space-Saving Window Air Conditioner

This portable cooling & heating system doesn’t require a large area for installation.

ComfyAir has a sleek & space-saving design that attaches onto your existing windows.

The compact design maximizes space utilization while providing cooling comfort that’s perfect for small spaces.

With ComfyAir, you get the best cool breeze without breaking your wall’s aesthetic or compromising the window’s utility.

It features a claw-like design, which allows it to securely attach to your window without any damage to the walls.

ComfyAir offers two types of installation options: horizontal & vertical.

Vertically it’s length ranges from 606mm to 1006mm & horizontaly 606mm. You get an extension board that stretches upto 40cm to fill the gap.

Its cooling & heating capabilities ensure year-round comfort, with a temperature range of 16℃ to 30℃.

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