Eureka Launches New Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaner

The recently introduced Eureka AK10 cordless stick vacuum comes with an extensive assortment of attachments.

There is a tangle of an aluminum tube, the suction module, a crevice tool & two motorized brushes: a flexible & multi-support primary brush & a more compact brush with hard bristles.

Eureka offers a wall mount & battery power supply with the vacuum. Removable batteries can be charged. The battery has 29.6 volts & 74 Wh (2.5 Ah).

The vacuum cleaner displays the suction level in monochrome. The battery charge is shown in percent when charging.

The AK10 is unique in that its case vents hot air upwards rather than out the bottom. When bending over to clean under furniture or other low-lying objects, the vacuum blows air directly into the user’s face.

The built-in LEDs facilitate the search for dirt in obscure places, such as under the table. They only shine light where the brush is pointed.

The AK10 puts the dirt it vacuums up in a clear plastic bucket. There is a mark on the dirt container. When the dirt hits that mark, the container should be emptied.

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