Home Appliances To Make Your Home A Sweet Home


Briiv is the power-packed air purifying solution. Its home terrarium serves as evidence to plants & plant-based filtration systems. Its intelligent capabilities, such as voice power, use it as a smart speaker & are managed by an app on your phone.

Yeedi Mop Pro Robot Vacuum

Yeedi Mop included Two mopping pads that spin 180 times each minute. With a powerful 3000Pa of suction force, making quick work of dust & debris without requiring you to get your hands dirty.

Tero Food Recycler

The Tero uses those three hours to turn food waste into fertiliser by cutting waste volume by over 90% and eliminating odours to produce dry, organic, home-made fertiliser that feeds your plants!

Tidbyt Retro Display

Tidbyt retro monitor that uses a pixelated screen to provide you all the information you require. It tracks your Dogecoin holdings, your favourite stock tickers, weather & more. It includes a phone app where you can choose & add the information you want to be present.

Teno Speaker & Light

Teno combines a speaker and a lamp; it detaches to reveal the light inside & keeps prying the parts apart in order to turn on the Bluetooth. To produce the most amazing sound, it includes a 20W class-D amplifier & 5.0 chip Bluetooth.

A 3D-Vision All-In-One Modular ROBOT MOWER Keep Your Lawn Clean

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