How to Find Your New Favorite Songs with Spotify’s AI DJ

Spotify’s AI DJ is a customized radio station that plays a list of your favorite songs, artists, & genres.

It is a music feature that employs AI to recommend you a series of songs & albums, according to your listening habits.

It goes through your most listened songs, old favorites, & many such hints to give a hassle-free music listening experience.

The Spotify AI DJ makes song recommendations in the manner of a radio station using a DJ-like voice.

The AI DJ can be easily found in the Music stream on the Spotify homepage, although it might not be there for a few reasons.

It will only be available to premium subscribers in up to 50 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland & other countries in Europe, Asia, & Africa.

– To activate AI DJ, go to the Music tab in the top left corner of your Spotify home screen.

How to Use the AI DJ in Spotify

– To add AI DJ to your library on Spotify, simply tap Play on the DJ. The AI DJ will provide a brief introduction before beginning to play music. – Simply navigate to Your Library to find Spotify DJ Anytime.

– By tapping the blue and green circle at the bottom left corner of the screen, you may also ask the AI DJ to switch tracks. – The AI DJ gets better at providing personalized recommendations for further music you’ll like as you listen and provide feedback.

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