Most Stylish Light For Your Home

The Sunne Light

A self-powered solar light that harvests by energy day to light up your home at night. Called the Sunne light, the sunlight-mimicking lamp gathers solar energy & is in turn exclusively powered by it. It aims to bring the power of the sun into your home.

Cozy Cleo Lamp

Cozy Cleo Lamp is a fine specimen of circular design & wholly embodies minimalistic design principles. This process involves recycled cardboard being pressed & molded into shape without the use of any kind of additives.

Charcoal Pilz Lamp

The Charcoal Pilz lamp is an all-black mushroom-shaped lamp that oozes character & ton of personality. The charcoal-black color of the lamp instantly grabs your attention, with its bulbous lamp head & column-like stand.

K Lamp ‘Remade’

The K Lamp ‘Remade’ is an intriguing reinterpretation of the iconic. The lamp is built from two single pieces of denim, wrapped around two plastic components, stitched & connected together using a branded aluminum pin at the rear of the lamp.

Air Light

The Air light is a physical manifestation of the exploration of ecological & design values. It features a dual lampshade design that has the ability to produce a warm & inviting ambiance which creates an amusing play between light & shadow, using its engraved laser cuts.

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