PIXEL TABLET: What Google Should Have Included?

Controversial hot-take: Smart Displays suck. Companies don’t know what they’re doing with them & their approach feels a lot like they’ve got a solution in search of a problem.

The watch made a successful impression as a health device, helping detect unusual heartbeats, body temperature, breathing, or even detecting if someone’s fallen.

The Google OMA is an intuitively designed, smart alternative to your average landline & provides an important connectivity experience for elderly people, allowing them to stay in touch with their families.

It easily allows both parties to video-call each other whenever possible, providing a video-based communication bridge that’s in line with current technological capabilities.

Its large screen makes visual elements easy to read & tap, & the circular profile means you’re never holding the Google OMA the wrong way.

The Google OMA comes with a curved body that sits on a charging base, & can be un-docked & held in both hands sort of like a cup, allowing elderly people to easily hold their device in a manner that suits them well.

The Google OMA works as a smart personal display rather than just a smart home display, doing the job of a landline, a phone, or an Apple Watch.

The OMA helps elderly people stay connected with their families, guardians, & friends in an easy, intuitive, & meaningful way.

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