Razer Viper  Mini Signature Edition

Razer Viper  Mini Signature Edition

Ultra-High-End Wireless Gaming Mouse

- The Viper Mini SE uses a magnesium alloy chassis "exoskeleton,". -Lines of dark gray stretch across the mouse's palm area, creating a web-like design and bold, gaping holes. -Razer's using an extreme take on the honeycomb design, which has holes drilled into a mouse's chassis to reduce weight.


Large holes can attract dust & debris, but bigger holes should make the mouse easier to clean with an air blower than a honeycomb mouse topped with smaller openings.


As a reflection of the Signature Edition’s top-grade materials, it comes with our first-ever 3-year warranty—an industry-leading standard for all mice.

Hyper-lightweight at 49 G Magnesium Alloy Exoskeleton Industry-leading Performance

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