REVOPOINT POP 3 – AN Affordable 3D Scanner For Designers, Game Developers, Etc

The REVOPOINT POP 3 promises, letting you capture your world & turn objects, environments & people into highly realistic 3D models.

The affordable handheld 3D scanner uses a binocular dual camera infrared system to stereoscopically capture the world around you in vivid detail as well as in color.

It is perfect for designers, engineers, manufacturers, historians, animators, game developers & even filmmakers looking to create 3D or metaverse-ready experiences.

The POP 3’s lightweight, handheld design makes scanning objects & characters incredibly easy, offering a much more comprehensive way to capture objects in the world around you.

It boasts a working distance between 150mm to 400mm, working with normal surfaces as well as with enhanced marker tracking for better precision.

The device is REVOPOINT’s cutting-edge 3D scanning system, which uses a combination of sensors, illuminators & chipsets to build stunningly accurate 3D replicas of real-world objects.

An RGB camera captures surface colors & material information, using white LED to improve accuracy & quality, giving you a full color model at the end of your scan.

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