Smart Ring an Innovation By Oura

Oura’s innovative Smart Ring has been one of the most beneficial wellness gadgets we’ve seen.

The brand has made what it labels “a true engineering breakthrough,” as it has managed to design a rounded rendition of the typically angular shape with all the same features.

The Oura Ring Horizon boasts research-grade sensors that accurately monitor your sleep, blood oxygen, activity levels, temperature, heart rate, & more.

It includes two new features Activity Goals & Calorie Opt-out, the latter of which can be adjusted based on your dietary habits.

The Oura Ring seamlessly connects to overarching wellness apps like Apple Health & Google Fit, allowing you to keep all your information in one place.

We typically see smartwatches feature these tracking technologies, Oura’s ultra-wearable gadget packs all the precise tools into a piece of elegantly-designed jewellery.

We rarely see jewellery need to offer 7-day battery life, which is where the Smart Ring distinguishes itself from the average ring.

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