Spout’s Device Turns Air Into Purified Water

Today, technology is in the works to modernize this process & provide clean water to more people. Spout is one of the companies pushing things forward with its new water generator.

Spout is an atmospheric water generator that uses a six-stage filtration system to produce up to 2.5 gallons of clean water in a compact container– & even clean air.

This filtration system removes impurities by catching contaminants from smoke, bacteria & viruses.

It also captures chemicals, mold spores & allergens, making the water it produces incredibly pure. Not only does Spout offer pure water, but pure air as well.

The hospital-grade air filter purifies the air before it even enters the machine. This means better air quality for you and your loved ones & more pure water.

The water is then filtered & remineralized to improve taste and quality. It all culminates in the pitcher that features a UV light in the lid, working to stop unwanted bacteria growth in the supply.

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