This Is The Smartest Pool Cleaner Till Date

A robot pool cleaner works INSIDE the water rather than cleaning it from the outside, it performs a better job than a human.

The Degrii Zima Pro creates a 3D map of your entire pool, intelligently plotting the best path to cover its entire area just the way a robot vacuum does.

It gets the work done without human intervention (and will even clean while you’re in the pool!) It starts by scanning your pool in 3D & plotting all its surfaces.

It cleans and scrubs your pool, covering even the stairs, the tanning area, and the shallow baby-pool if you’ve got one.

It floating 10,000mAh battery that powers the cleaner & acts as the WiFi hub for the device & cover 5000 square feet of area in one single charge, which 250W brushless pump & 6.5 liter dual-filter baskets

The Degrii Zima Pro simply traverses your pool autonomously at the push of a button on your phone app & start cleaning unit immediately maps its way around your pool, tugging the floating battery pack with it wherever it goes.

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