Update your Mouthwash With OENKLEN

While Ozone-enriched water was previously available only commercially & in highly specialized medical setups, OENKLEN brings that technology to your bathroom countertop.

OENKLEN turns regular tap water into ozone-rich water in mere seconds. You can use this water as a mouthwash, to rinse your toothbrush & sanitize your braces/retainers overnight.

Its countertop device hopes to harness the power of that technology by creating an ozone mouthwash that’s safe, non-toxic & highly effective.

The OENKLEN device offers 4 modes to choose from – a daily mode, deep mode, irrigator mode & a ‘more’ mode.

The ozonated water has much broader disinfecting applications & can even be used to sanitize surfaces, disinfect children’s toys, pet supplies, food & a myriad of other items.

It has a 4000mAh battery & charges via USB-C. It comes with a custom app that helps you set your OENKLEN routine to get the best results for you.

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