Weatheseed: Smart Indoor Farming System

Weatheseed offers a unique solution to bridge the gap between these contrasting lifestyles, allowing us to enjoy the tranquility of rural living within the city through water & plants.

Its visual representation of weather conditions in the countryside becomes accessible in the city, facilitating informed decisions regarding plant care & providing comfort to those living in modern society.

“Weatheseed” is derived from the fusion of three words: weather, supersede, & seed. The product incorporates a weather forecasting feature, allowing users to gauge & display weather conditions.

It provides the necessary resources for plant growth by utilizing water & LED lights. Water, after providing moisture, is collected back into the water bottle through a pipe, ensuring efficient use.

A visual representation of weather & humidity in the countryside is made possible through the movement of water on the “weather notification board” & heating caused by the water pipe.

The unit head can be separated from the main body & installed on cultivated land. This feature enables the measurement of soil moisture, providing valuable insights for both city & rural farming.

It provides weather information, efficient plant growth systems & soil moisture measurement, Weatheseed simplifies the process of plant cultivation & sustainable lifestyle.

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