Why should Apple launch a folding iPad before folding iPhone?

Ever since the world’s first folding phone (the Royole Flexpai) was unveiled, it kicked off a smartphone innovation race for foldables.

It also raised some incredibly pertinent questions – will Apple make a foldable too? And when?

iPhone has over 50% of Apple’s revenue, a thick foldable phone would be an incredibly risky bet on Apple.

Apple fans are incredibly fickle-minded about their phones and Apple’s worked incredibly hard to make sure no change is TOO drastic to piss off the billions of iPhone users

Folding phones don’t make sense. No matter how you cut it, a larger screen doesn’t do much for the mobile experience.

Hybrid laptops are already a thing, and the iPad would absolutely excel in that category.

The iPad already has 4 variants, Mini, Regular, Air, Pro, Fold. It could broaden its audience with a foldable to entice enthusiasts looking for the best of both tablet and laptop worlds.

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