ARC Foldable Mouse is One of its Kind

Common mouse designs favor right-handed users, force people to choose between ergonomics & portability & are often unattractive to behold.

Microsoft has two kinds of computer mice that have become quite popular for almost opposite reasons. The older Arc mouse has a quirky shape that prioritized portability by folding flat when not in use.

This design limited the mouse to a narrow, almost rectangular shape that is practically uncomfortable, especially after long hours of work.

The newer Surface mouse, on the other hand, has a fuller & more ergonomic shape but isn’t easy to stow inside bags because of its bulkier form.

The Microsoft Arc folds into a curved form when it needs to be used so that it can remain flat & space-efficient when it’s time to slip it inside a bag or briefcase.

The “head” of the mouse is completely flat as well & uses gestures to implement clicking & scroll wheel actions.

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