CANON POWERSHOT V10 A Video Camera For Content Creators

Canon is developing a line of products that’s aimed specifically at content creators that want to go back to digital cameras.

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The Canon PowerShot V10 is their latest offering and if you want to experiment with videos but don’t want a complicated device, then this compact & minimalist video camera is for you

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It is pretty easy to use as you just need to press the record button & it will start doing its job. There’s a flip-out screen so you’ll see what’s going on.

You can use 14 colour ones & a Smooth Skin mode for those who want digital skincare. It has a built-in stand & lets you shoot through the app, as well as other features that should appeal to creators.

The PowerShot V10 is very lightweight & fits into your pocket. It can shoot in 4K30p or FullHD at 60p. It has a 19mm wide lens & also shoots photos with its 15.2MP lens.

It has two stereo mics & a third mic to help reduce background noise. It comes in black & silver colors in keeping with its minimalist look.

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