It provides much-needed relief from summer heat, thanks to its powerful, lightweight, affordable design.

1. Arctos Portable AC

Cool, humidify, and refresh the air with the evaCHILL air conditioner. Only one button controls the airflow, and you can enjoy fresh air for 4-6 hours.

2. Evapolar evaChill Portable AC

3. TSKLooy Portable AC

It is a portable AC that is specially designed for use by individuals. It is easy to carry and takes up very little space.

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4. Pignr Portable Air Conditioner

It comes with a fantastic set of features that support 60°/120° oscillation.

3. Ontel Arctic Air Ultra Evcoate

You can breathe clean air anywhere with a personal air conditioner. Intel filters and humidifies the air that is cooled and purified.

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