Roland’s Futuristic Piano with Drone Speakers

Roland’s sprawling family of electronic pianos has appeased everyone from beginners to professionals dating back to the early ‘70s.

The aptly-dubbed Concept Piano is composed of premium elements across the board, deeming it a triumph in audial prowess & thoughtful design.

This essentially utopian piano was made using layers of durable Nara oak wood that were ultimately stacked to shape the unique, single-body piece of equipment.

The knowledge of 3D printing with timeless manufacturing methods, both Roland & Karimoku managed.

The piano boasts an array of 14 360-degree speakers that co-exist alongside a set of innovative drone speakers that hover the instrument as you play it, promoting “realistic ambient sound.”

It only makes sense to implement a tablet directly into its lid, paving the way for seamless video conferencing or streaming tutorials, practically shedding the need for any more in-person piano lessons.

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