Our goal is to support the development of Tech initiatives.

Gadgetany projects enable the realisation of ideas. It serves as a forum for Techies to discuss their fresh ideas for work with the audiences who will support them financially.

Our Community

Starting with turning on your own, you can tap into our community. We help you attracting friends and early backers who subsequently spread the word to their networks and show support to the larger community.

Our group thrives on generating ingenious discoveries before everyone else and is constantly searching for novel solutions to daily issues. Curious people rely on Gadgetany to discover the newest developments in technology and design, from live projects to ready-to-ship technology.

Gadgetany is the world 1st platform to focus on innovative and tech related projects. Crafted only for startups who dream to be unique and grow.

Our Team

We are a committed team of independent business owners. We devote our time to designing and developing Gadgetany, fostering communities around creative endeavours, and assisting the local creative community. We are programmers, graphic designers, customer service agents, gamers, robot builders and much more.