We welcome and support projects regarding Gadgets and other technology. Here is a set of rules every project and project on our platform should follow.

Projects must create something to share with others

Gadgetany is a trusted platform that can be used to create all sorts of gadgets and innovative tech ideas. But every project undergoes proper planning for creating something and sharing it with the world. All the projects on gadgetany must be physical and feasible. After completion of the crowdfunding project, the owners must be like, “thanks, here is your reward”.

Projects must be honest and presented clearly

Crowdfunding on Gadgetany.com is based on trust, authenticity, and communication. Any project should not mislead people, lie about the factors, or misinform them. When a project includes manufacturing info and deals with something complex, like a tech gadget, the project must show backers a prototype of what the manufacturers are creating. Also, we don’t allow showcasing any misleading imagery or representations.

  • Prototype demonstration should reflect the current stage of the product’s development and should not include any Computer-Generated Imagery or special effects to demonstrate functionality that does not exist yet. If a project requires a software and hardware combination, creators must show that functionality and any depictions clearly or reveal that it has not yet been developed.
  • Misleading imagery includes photorealistic visualizations and highly manipulated or doctored images or videos that could give backers a misleading impression regarding the product’s actual state of development.Click here to find additional context on our rules regarding prototype requirements and prohibiting misleading imagery.
  • Projects can’t fundraise for charity – Gadgetany doesn’t allow nonprofit projects to launch products or run projects on its platform. Funds raised on Gadgetany must go towards facilitating the project outlined by the creator on the project page.
  • Projects can’t offer equity – Investment is not allowed on Gadgetany. Projects cannot offer incentives like revenue sharing, equity, or investment opportunities.
  • Projects cannot include prohibited items. We forbid any of the following types of projects.
    – Charity-related project
    – A project including edible items or supplements
    – Hate speech-related projects or offensiveness
    – A project that does not have any deliverables
    – Projects that do not have any specifications
    – Projects offering alcohol or any other offensive substance
    – Gambling-related projects or contests
    – Projects depicting things that already exist or repackage an already-created product without adding anything new or aiming to repeat or copy the same idea that already exists.
    – Weapons, weapon replicas, and weapon accessories

The above rules don’t cover every possible use of Gadgetany, but they highlight our purpose and perspective.

If your project includes anything illegal or prohibited, highly regulated, or potentially dangerous for backers, and it is not on this list, kindly contact us before initiating your project.