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For Backers:-

Backing a crowdfunding project at gadgetany allows you to contribute financially to a project or initiative that you believe in, and in return, you often receive rewards or perks depending on your level of contribution. By backing a project, you become part of the community supporting the project's success, and your contribution helps the project creator reach their funding goal and bring their idea to life. Here's how it typically works


Browse :

Through Gadgetany to discover projects that interest you. Choose the Project you like.


Select a Reward Tier :

Review the rewards offered for each tier and choose the one that best fits your budget and interests.


Make a Contribution :

you can make a financial contribution to the project using the Gadgetany's payment system. Your contribution goes towards helping the project creator reach their funding goal.


Receive Rewards :

The project creator will proceed with the development and production process. Once the project is completed, you'll receive the rewards or perks associated with the reward tier you selected.


Stay Updated :

As a backer, you'll have the opportunity to stay informed and engaged with the project's development.

By backing crowdfunding projects at gadgetany, you not only support innovative ideas and talented creators but also have the opportunity to receive unique rewards and be part of bringing new projects to life. It's a rewarding way to be involved in the creative process and contribute to the success of projects that align with your interests and values.

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For Enterpernures

Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs is a method of raising funds for their projects, products, or businesses by soliciting small contributions from a large number of people. Here's how it works:


Project Creation :

The entrepreneur creates a crowdfunding campaign on gadgetany. They outline their project, set a funding goal, and specify a deadline for reaching that goal.


Campaign Launch :

Once the campaign page is set up, the entrepreneur launches the campaign, making it publicly visible on the platform.


Backer Contributions :

Interested individuals, known as backers, visit the campaign page and decide whether to contribute financially to the project.


Funding Period :

The campaign runs for a set period, usually ranging from 1 to 60 days, during which backers can contribute funds. .


Funding Distribution :

If the campaign successfully reaches its funding goal by the deadline, Gadgetany facilitates the collection of funds to you.


Project Fulfillment :

Once the campaign is successfully funded, the entrepreneur is responsible for fulfilling any promises made to backers, such as delivering the product or service as described in the campaign.


Communication and Updates :

Throughout the campaign and beyond, entrepreneurs are encouraged to maintain communication with their backers, providing updates on the project's progress, addressing any questions or concerns, and keeping backers informed about any developments or delays.

Overall, crowdfunding provides entrepreneurs with a platform to raise capital, validate their ideas, and build a community of supporters around their projects. It offers an alternative funding option that can be accessible to individuals or small businesses who may not have access to traditional sources of financing.

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